The Christmas Rose

By Dilly Court

I promised I would be home for Christmas, and I intend to keep my word.

As Rose Munday steps off her ship into the perishing cold of London’s Royal Victoria Dock, she’s full of excitement. Yet clutching a bundle of love letters from her sweetheart, frozen by the fog and biting winds, Rose realises she has been abandoned.

Lost and penniless on this unforgiving night, Rose stumbles into danger. But she is rescued by two women with even less to their names – a woman of the night and her young companion, Sparrow – who can see Rose’s innocence shining through.

Rose makes many unlikely friends in London’s shadowy back streets. With all hope of her sweetheart’s return fading away, she starts to build a new life, and slowly finds her heart being healed by the man who makes it his duty to protect her.

But when a good deed turns sour, Rose makes a dangerous enemy. And he’s threatening to ruin them all.

Will Rose be able to save her friends and her future? If she can, a Christmas gift awaits that will change her life forever…

The third book in the stunning ‘River Maid’ series from Sunday Times bestseller, Dilly Court!